big79937181prm002bTramontina, a Brazilian-based lawn mower manufacturer, recently launched a new model: the Trotter ride-on lawn mower in Sao Paolo.  What makes the launch so extremely clever, in my opinion, is how they went about it.

Interested buyers could test drive a Trotter lawn mower at one of Sao Paolo’s many city parks – yes, you could actually drive it around and beautify Sao Paolo at the same time!

This genius product launch did a number of things, including:

  • Gave interested buyers a real-life experience of what it would be like to use one of these lawn mowers on real terrain, risk free;
  • In preparation for the upcoming Olympic Games, I’m sure that the Sao Paolo city parks department was enormously grateful for any help it could get in beautifying the city;
  • The product launch demonstrated the company’s values of being environmentally accountable and responsible, socially aware, and concern for the welfare and quality of life in the surrounding communities.

This is true brand synergy and just plain clever marketing.  Do you have a product with which you could do something similar?

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