Our first requirement in building a sustainable coaching practice is clients. But coaching is, at its core, an intangible. Clients buy results and solutions to their problems. So it becomes more and more vital that we are able to clearly demonstrate the results that we deliver, or the problems that we effectively help our clients resolve.

In an increasingly over-crowded and saturated market, success depends on being able to rise above the noise, and on being noticed. We can no longer rely on describing ourselves simply as business, executive or life coaches: we HAVE to niche down and get more descriptive about our areas of specialisation.

Niche has become the new mainstream and the new normal in coaching circles. It is the difference between having to continually hustle for clients and having clients come to us, because they recognise that we are the right coach for their needs.

Neuroscience tells us that the brain is frustrated by 3 things:

  • Clutter,
  • Information that takes too long to decode or apply, and
  • Problems that take too long to resolve

Having a clearly defined niche that clients can immediately understand and relate to, is a basic business imperative.

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