It’s impossible to market and sell an intangible. Clients buy results. They will pay if they perceive value and a solution to their problems. This is why we NEED to position ourselves as specialists in delivering results in specific areas.

The ICF and Forbes Coaches Council have both identified that having a clear niche or specialist area is one of the best ways to future-proof our coaching practices and make sure that our businesses are sustainable.

What results do YOUR clients experience from working with you? What are you particularly good at, as a coach? What is your zone of excellence, your area of effortless expertise?

Research into creating and maintaining viable coaching practices by Terblance, et al identified that coaches who were operating successful coaching practices had “aimed for a modest market share within a well-defined niche“.

It makes clear business sense to find and define a coaching niche and make it easier for ideal clients to identify that you are the ideal coach for them.

Reference: Terblanche, N.H.D., Jock, R.J. & Ungerer, M., 2019, ‘Creating and maintaining a commercially viable executive coaching practice in South Africa’, Southern African Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management 11(1), a192.

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