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A personal 360 assessment

As coaches, we are used to starting coaching assignments doing 360 assessments on our client.  But what about when it comes to doing personal 360 assessments on ourselves.  Hmmm…quite an intimidating thought, isn’t it?

Do we really have the courage to find out what our clients, peers and colleagues think about us?

I recently ran a free 5 day mini Marketing & Sales Accelerator for Coaches a few weeks ago.   One of the experienced coaches, Sharon Jansen, shared that she did regular personal 360 assessments on herself.

Doing something like a personal 360 takes courage as a coaching practitioner.  It also means that we are modelling the highest professional standards of being able to TAKE feedback as well as GIVE feedback.

The Personal 360 Assessment Process

Well, Sharon was generous in sharing how she went about doing it, and this is the process she followed.

Sharon contacted past and existing clients, friends and colleagues in the industry, fellow Coach supervisors, supervision clients and even family and friends to answer a series of questions. She explained that she was conducting a personal 360 assessment.

I simply LOVE this concept and will definitely be introducing it into my own professional practice (when I muster the courage).

I think that it’s brave, professional,  It embodies what we should be role-modelling as coaches, as we continually recommend using 360 assessments with our clients, don’t we?  Isn’t it funny how it takes on a completely different spin when we turn it around onto ourselves?

360 assessment-everyone is entitled to my opinion

Examples of questions to include

Sharon used the normal 360 assessment process that she uses with all of her clients. This means that she subjected herself to the same standards that she subjected her clients to.

In addition, she also mentioned that she uses a “narrative” 360. One of the questions in this 360 assessment is: Can you describe this person just using adjectives?

She found that there was a definite trend in the feedback that she got. It really helped her refine her signature presence. Included in her questions were:

  • Can you describe this person just using adjectives?
  • What could I do more of?
  • What could I do less of?
  • If you have one message for me, what is it?


You can obviously add any additional ones that might suit your needs or that cover topics that you specifically want to focus on.

How do you feel about doing that for yourself? Watch your inbox. You might get this set of questions from me when I summon up the courage to do a personal 360 assessment on myself!

If you’d like to read the full article on this, you can find it here: https://nicheintelligence.co.za/2020/08/01/6-top-tips-to-get-the-most-out-of-the-rest-of-2020/

If you’d like to simply skip straight to the video (although this article does include material that is not in the video), you can watch it here:


“I think that it’s brave, professional and it embodies what we should be role-modelling as coaches as we continually recommend using 360 assessments with our clients, don’t we?” – Megan Hudson, Niche Intelligence

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