niche businessI’m always on the lookout for great examples of a niche.  I’ve been participating in group coaching recently, and one of the other participants was in the hot seat earlier this week.

She was looking for affirmation that her chosen example of a niche was a good one.

Actually, it’s a GREAT one in my opinion.

Her business is centered around teaching busy working moms how to braid their daughter’s hair.

When I first heard her business niche, I thought “Hmmm…there can’t be too much demand for something like that”. How WRONG was I?

She went on to describe why this was the pillar of her business.

Busy working moms are invariably stressed, in a hurry and pre-occupied by what is going on at work. They can be impatient and distracted during their family time.

Setting time aside to braid their daughter’s hair means creating quality bonding time between mother and daughter. It’s a time where they can quietly communicate with each other and allow conversation to drift naturally from one topic to another.

When we’re busy and also running a household, it’s so easy for our communication to become transactional rather than transformational. We need to mindfully create time and space for transformational activities to take place.

On a more practical level, with the ease of COVID-19 infection, braiding a child’s hair means that she won’t be continually touching her face to brush hair out of the way. It’s definitely a small, practical strategy to help prevent infection.

There were loads of other aspects and a lot of additional input from the group, but I was left with a sense of awe at how something so mundane could have such a profound purpose.

I loved it and think it’s too clever for words.  In my opinion, it’s a great example of a niche – something simple, clear and easy to understand, but that also engages potential customers emotionally.

After all, neuroscience tells us that great niches:

  • Are clear, simple and easy to understand;
  • Are uncluttered;
  • Don’t take ages to have to work out.

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