What wonderful work Megan, do keep at it! (Michelle Clarke, Motivcoach, 2 August 2010)

Just a little thank you – I’ve seen a dramatic increase in benefit in my COMENSA membership since you got involved.   I love your energy, ideas and the way you are getting things done!  Thanks, Penny  (Penny Castle, Business Process Analyst,  Nedbank Corporate Property Finance, 17/08/2010)

Brilliant!  (Dr Sunny Stout Rostron, 20/07/2009)

Thought I would send through a quick e-mail to congratulate you on the new COMENSA website. Must have been quite a task. (Shaun Kingston, Leader.co.za, 08-03-2010)

One gets a real sense that we are generally gaining momentum! (Graham Kiggan, 23/08/2009)

Wonderful to know that there is a real person behind the computer screen for all members. I think this may be a process of reinventing personal contact , an art long lost and therefore what was once the way may now be re discovered in the most powerful of opportunities to brand Comensa … to be be listened to! (Peter Womersley, Tucando, 09/04/2009)

Very well done on increasing subscription of the newsletter – it is looking so much more active.  (Matt Shelley, Corporate Evolution, 18/11/2009)

02/10/2009 Many many
thanks – Comensa is looking so much more professional and responsive due to the
efforts of all of you guys – can’t wait to see the new website. .  Matt Shelley, Corporate Evolution

WOW! Mega(n)effort! Thanks,Matt (Matt Shelley, Corporate Evolution, 02/09/2009)

02/12/2009 Thanks for thinking outside the box… Colleen Ingram, Business & Life Coach

21/11/2009 Well I have to say that you are doing the MOST sensational job! I have literally seen COMENSA transformed. Well done – I hope you look back on the year in celebration. Lisa Steingold, Life Inc

11/11/2009 Hi Megan, thanks for all the hard and relevant work you are doing. I feel you are addressing all the right things and ticking all the right boxes for me.Colleen Ingram, Business & Life Coach

11/11/2009 This new idea is wonderful. Thanks for your work on our behalf, Karen Edwards

11/11/2009 Thank you for this initiative Megan! Dr. Johann Oostenbrink, Registered as Chartered HR Practitioner (SABPP), Executive Coach & Mentor (Comensa), Camino Consultancy for Organisational Development

09/11/2009 Firstly, Great Idea = well done Great value add,  Adolph Kaestner, Professional Speaker, Motivator, Trainer and Mentor

09/11/2009 I must commend you on this wonderful initiative! Suzette le RouX, Business & Spiritual

09/11/2009 Awesome!! Thank you!! Just what the doctor ordered – Juanene Frydman

03/11/2009 You really don’t sit still – great. Graham Kiggan, Choice Point

16/08/2009 Well done again on all the phenomenal work you are doing at COMENSA. Keep it up! Lisa Steingold, Life Inc