All participants will earn 8 Resource Development (RD) Continuing Education Units from the International Coach Foundation.

Do you have a small to non-existent marketing budget?

Does the thought of marketing yourself or your business make your break out in a cold sweat?

Would you like an instant step-by-step guide on how to market your business without having to spend a cent?

If so, then this workshop is just for you!

Join Megan Hudson of MH Consulting (former National Marketing Consultant for COMENSA) for her hugely popular and highly successful workshop on how to market your practice without spending a cent.


“Megan is an experienced marketing expert, and I found her workshop stimulating and highly informative.” – Dr Sunny Stout-Rostron (Founding President, COMENSA; Director, Sunny Stout-Rostron Associates (to read what other people have to say about this workshop, follow this link)

If you have a small to non-existent marketing budget, and if you’d like an instant step-by-step guide on how to market your business without having to spend a cent, then this workshop is just for you!  Megan will tell you WHY you are currently NOT marketing yourself, and WHERE to start.  She helps remove the angst out of marketing yourself and your business by giving you easy, practical steps to follow to get you quickly on the road to successfully marketing yourself and your business with confidence.

Bring your laptops and marketing material along so that we can work with what you’ve got.

What do we do? We start the day by answering a series of questions designed to help you really pin down your niche.  Once we’ve done that, we get to work on defining your target market(s) to make sure that you do the following effectively:

  • Send out the right message to the right people;
  • Send out the right message to the right people where they will GET the message;
  • Make sure that your message is getting to ALL the people who need to hear it.


  • Develop your niche using Megan’s model developed from years of practice;
  • Create your customised marketing plan using Megan’s specially developed marketing model;
  • Implement parts of your customised marketing strategy during the course of the day so that you leave the workshop “up and running”;
  • Be in a position to evaluate all marketing opportunities in future against a set of criteria developed solely for YOUR business and YOUR strategy

Get down to “How” you get your message to your target market without spending money that you may not have as a small business.  We uncover innovative and creative ways of getting to your target market, getting new clients and getting  new business using means and methods at your disposal in entirely new ways.  Marketing is not a mystery or about being clever – it’s plain logic applied to everyday things and using that logic to work smarter, not harder.

We learn to use the top 5 online social networking tools effectively (Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube), and to leverage our existing tools like emails, websites, business cards, leaflets, in-store displays, retail outlets, newsletters, cell-phones and many more.

But hey! Different strokes for different folks! The “personality” of Facebook might really appeal to one person, and might intimidate the socks off somebody else.  We need to find the marketing mix that SUITS YOU – the mix that YOU will be able to maintain and sustain.  After all, YOU need to be able to MARKET YOUR BUSINESS WITHOUT SPENDING A CENT effortlessly and without stress so that you can concentrate on what really matters – bringing in customers and growing your business!

Critically, we learn to tie everything together, we develop a plan and a formula  designed by you, for you – with actions and deliverables – that ensures that we take appropriate steps in putting a co-ordinated marketing message in place.


Megan has a degree in Politics and Languages, and spent most of her early career in the fields of Marketing and Advertising.  She trained as a coach in 2001, and ran a successful practice until about 2007, when her husband’s engineering business started to consume most of her time.  Megan is also a qualified Ethologist (animal behaviourist), with a degree through an Onderstepoort-affiliated body, as well as having studied Psychology though UNISA.   She continues to reflect on the close similarities between the study of
politics, and animal and human behaviour.

Megan’s guiding principles are Integrity and Aesthetics. Following 4 successful years of consulting to COMENSA on a national basis on Marketing & PR, Megan runs a number of successful businesses including a property business, a specialist marketing consultancy, and a marketing training course (developed in 2001) aimed at SME’s but tailored specifically to Coaches & Mentors.  She has also had an online business since 2004.  Megan can be contacted on email:

See what people have to say about the workshop

Duration of workshop: 1 day

Cost: R995.00 per person

Venue: TBA

Date: TBA

Time: 09h00 – 17h00

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25% of all proceeds from these workshops goes to the Silver Bell Foundation, in memory of John Frederick Edward Burgess, my father.  All monies are donated to the Order of St John, which offers First Aid and Home Care training to the general public so that they can assist in times of emergency at home.