“Megan is an experienced marketing expert, and I found her workshop stimulating and highly informative.” —Dr Sunny Stout-Rostron (Founding President, COMENSA; Director, Manthano Institute of Learning (Pty) Ltd)

What a great learning experience! Thank you. – Estelle Pretorius

Megan, I just wanted to say how great this session was, how helpful and how easy to assimilate and implement. Thank you VERY much for all the time and effort you put into your presentation, and I have to say, it is the most useful marketing information I have experienced so far. A HUGE help and you made it so easily accessible.  I look forward to implementing this and making my business grow in leaps and bounds. Thank you. You are an absolute star!  You did a GREAT job! – Rosemary Clark, Think Big

Thank you for a great presentation. It has really brought closer to home the power of e-marketing and you’ve provided the practical tools I can use for my business. – Audrey Ramaboe, B U Life Coaching.

I was truly impressed with your presentation about marketing. Especially with those almost forgotten “selfcoach questions” with which we can really dig deeper to make it work for us. Thank you very much. – Ulrike Schottler, Business & Life Coaching

I found your talk extremely informative as I am busy writing the content for my website. – Dr Carita McCallum (PhD), Keystone Coaching (Pty) Ltd

I was impressed with your presentation and your presentation style. I learnt a lot. It really was a great event! A lot of practical stuff. Well done. – Conroy Fourie, Conroy Fourie Consulting

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