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Marketing Case Study: Standing Out in an Overcrowded Coaching Market

Coaching is an over-saturated, over-commoditised market.  As  more people join the profession, this situation is only going to worsen.  Let’s explore two marketing case studies that show how coaches can successfully brand themselves. When coaching first became a “thing” in the late 1990’s, it was enough to describe and market yourself as a Life Coach,…

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Revisiting Nailing Your Niche

[videopress V2AVafbc] In this video, I revisit nailing your niche. This is largely going to be sharing some kind of inner thoughts or insights that I have had recently about our niches, and an expansion of what I think we need to take into account when finding and defining our niche. I continually revisit my…

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It’s international #ReadABookDay and I’m a fan of reading – always have been. What book have you read recently that has made the BIGGEST impression on you? Can you recommend any books in particular for the rest of us to read. I have been an avid reader my whole life. Do YOU enjoy reading? Do you…