A personal 360 assessment
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A personal 360 assessment

As coaches, we are used to starting coaching assignments doing 360 assessments on our client.  But what about when it comes to doing personal 360 assessments on ourselves.  Hmmm…quite an intimidating thought, isn’t it? Do we really have the courage to find out what our clients, peers and colleagues think about us? I recently ran…

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Creating a Great Online Profile Pic for the Camera-Shy Coach

Our brains process visual material – like pictures – almost times faster than the accompanying text! In fact, I bet you that your eye was drawn to the big, colourful figures and you almost missed the sentence above (and if you did miss it, read it now and I’m sure you’ll find my first sentence…

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Be Aware of the Message that You are Sending Out

My sister passed her learner driver’s licence about 3 weeks ago.  She has a car ready and  waiting for her to practice driving so that she can go for her driver’s licence.  A few years ago, and the first time that she got her learner’s licence, we paid for her to have 10 driving lessons with a…