Alphabet BlocksThis is officially a rant! I have just received an email newsletter from a company that I hold in fairly high regard due to the value of the information contained in their communication.  Poor spelling is one of my pet hates, so imagine my surprise on opening the mail to find a typo in the headline!!!!

Fellow writers/entrepreneurs/marketers!  We have absolutely NO excuse for this.  My WordPress Blog has an auto spellcheck as I type, and I can also do a spell check on anything I write before publishing it.  Word, Outlook and all other Microsoft programmes have built in spelling check.  I am quite sure that Apple software is similar.

Remember that marketing is all about the impression we create in our potential or existing clients’ minds.  Sloppy spelling and syntactical errors quickly erode hours of effort marketing our businesses, and can even send the wrong message completely.  Let me give you an example: many years ago, I was on my way to the airport and was caught at a traffic light.  On the same island on which the traffic light stood was a public toilet.  Spray-painted across the outside of this building were the words “OUT OF ODER”.  I had to laugh as, depending on whether you pronounced the word phonetically or substituted a missing letter, it could have been read one of two ways: “Out of Odour” or “Out of Order”!

Just for your amusement, here are a few others that I found:

no smoking

get a brain


liquor depot

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